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Female Drivers, Truck Stops and Security

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Security is not just Security Officers or alarm systems and it's not just for females. Anyone can benefit from these safety tips.

Ensuring the security and safety of each driver is a battle that everyone should take into account.

Truck stops and rest areas sometimes have contract Security Professionals assigned to do patrols of the property and be a visible deterrent.

However, as most know these properties can be very large and one individual cannot be everywhere at once.

With that being said All Drivers should still remain vigilant especially late at night.


Each Driver should do the following to ensure their safety when stopping to take a break;

Secure personal belongings (I.E. personal computers, GPS, ECT.)

Never leave valuables out in the open for others to see.

Lock truck doors and secure trailer doors with a padlock.

Female Drivers especially should always carry their cell phones in case of an emergency.

Before leaving the facilities heading back to the truck make sure to keys ready to open the door.

One of the best things any female can carry is a small whistle also known as a rape whistle. 


Being Prepared

Keys can also double as a weapon when placed in the palm of the hand with the ends pointing out from between the fingers.

While violence is not condoned sometimes physical force is needed when confronted with an attacker.

Let’s not forget that personal security and safety is not just worrying about other people trying to hurt someone but also about being prepared for anything.


 Situational Awareness        

Situational awareness is key to a Drivers personal safety to include but not limited to slips, trips, falls, and other drivers.

One of the worst things someone can do is have tunnel vision when it comes to walking through parking areas, or fuel bay areas.

In these types of areas, it’s not about just looking both ways but also looking down also.

Many times drivers are so focused on getting from point a to point b they forget to pay attention to what is going on in-between.


Do Not Walk Through Spills


If you are unsure what you are walking through DON’T!

It is safer to walk around a spill then to walk through it and fall.

Those few extra steps may take you two more mins but save you a lifetime of aches and pains.

Paying attention and being aware of what is around is the best way to stay safe and maintain a high level of security even without physical security around.


Sotera Proctor is a guest blogger, she has over 15 years of experience as a Security Officer, and several years as the Operations Manager of Security Officers and their training. She has worked security at Pilot Truck-stop in Atlanta, Ga, the Jacksonville Fair, and many other venues. With her years of experience she has a lot of insightful tips that we as drivers sometimes forget.


Leave a comment and let Sotera know if there are other security topics you would like to read about or questions she can answer.

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As a female driving when I drove I learned it was imperative to watch your surroundings early on. Any time of the day or night keep yourself in mind to not let your guard down.

Nov 18, 2021
Replying to

My dad drove all my life, he taught us to be aware of everything. You never know anytime of day.

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