16 Female Truck Driver Gifts Under $50

Updated: Feb 21

Are you wondering what to get your favorite female truck driver as a gift?

Buy your lady trucker a personalized key-chain, a coffee mug with a truck on it, a shower bag, bedding, socks, flashlight, leather gloves, and a Kindle Fire Tablet.

With Mother's Day right around the corner, it's never been a better time to provide you with some great ideas. At the time of this writing all gifts are listed under $50.

Although these gift ideas can be used for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or just because "I LOVE YOU!"

I know as a woman truck driver, I would love every one of these gifts.


1. Key-chains

If that special lady trucker in your life is a cat lover, she would enjoy a key-chain with CAT MOM engraved on a paw. I bet her fur baby is like one of her kids.

Any dog lover would enjoy these jump for joy over this key chain with a bone, a heart and "Best Friend" and a Paw medallion with "Dogs Leave Paw Prints on Our Hearts".

Give her a special gift from your heart. Have a key-chain engraved with a photo of her loved ones, children or grandchildren, including her fur babies. If she loves her truck, get a picture of her beautiful rig and have it engraved on a key-chain or pendent.


2. Coffee Mug

Buy your woman trucker an insulated travel mug. This 20 oz, tumbler coffee mug is double walled and vacuum insulated. It comes with a lid to keep your loved one from spilling coffee everywhere, as she drives across the country. By the way, purple is my favorite color.

Your female trucker might enjoy a personalized coffee mug. Add her name or a quote she loves. Every time she drinks from this beautiful mug, she will think of you.


3. Shower Bag with personal Hygiene Items

Every Female Trucker needs a shower bag.

A small duffel bag would be great to carry clothes and other shower items when she gets ready to take a shower at a truck stop.

Add in a large cosmetic bag that can hold shampoo, conditioners, soaps, lotions, and other necessities. I had the unfortunate experience of my shampoo bottle opening while in my bag. All of my clothes were covered in shampoo. I had to go back out to the truck and get new clothes. Since then I use a large plastic cosmetic bag or a gallon size Ziploc bag to keep all of my liquid items in.

A small cosmetic bag with goodies such as eye shadow, blush, lipstick, etc.


4. Blow Dryer

A small blow dryer would be a great gift idea.

Over the Road Truckers usually take showers at a truck stop.

Most truck stops provide towels and some provide blow-dryers, while others provide neither.

If you lady trucker has long beautiful hair, make sure to get her a small blow dryer for those occasions the truck stop does not supply one.


5. Flip Flops

While we are on the subject of showers, your beautiful lady trucker, can always use a cute pair of flip flops, specially made for wearing in the shower.

Although truck stops clean the showers after each customer, you can never be to careful.

You don't want her getting athletes feet.


6. Mesh Laundry Bag

A mesh laundry bag would provide her with a place to keep her dirty clothes separate from her clean clothes.


7. An Electric Razor

Buy your loved one an electric razor to shaves her legs, without having to take a shower.

A great gift, especially during the summer, when she wants to wear shorts.


8. Polarized Sunglasses

Any trucker would love to have a pair of Polarized Sunglasses. These glasses help protect her eyes from the damaging rays of the sun.

Even consider a pair of night vision glasses, that help her to see objects more clearly in the dark.


9. Bedding

As a female trucker, I like to change my sheets every few days.

I'm sure that your female trucker would love a new set of sheets, pillows, an electric throw heating blanket, or a memory foam pad that will provide comfort and better sleep.

As for sheets make sure to get the twin XL, most trucks have a longer mattress. And the electric heating blanket should have a 12-volt plug-in, unless she has an inverter in her truck.


10. Power Inverter

A power inverter is a great gift for any trucker that does not have an AC outlet, like the ones you generally see in homes. While prices range from as low as twenty dollars to over several hundred dollars, here are that comes in under our $50 range.


11. Atlas

Any trucker needs a good road atlas. Rand McNally's Trucker Road Atlas comes in at just under $50.

The Trucker's version features truck compliance rules, such as bridge weight formulas, pretrip inspection guidelines, information for oversize vehicles and with state phone numbers for obtaining permits. The atlas even provides information for Hazardous Materials, city to city mileage, and it doesn't even need batteries.

The Trucker's version is held together by a tough spiral binding, enabling the user to fold it in half for easier handling. This atlas also features laminated pages that can be written on with sharpies and easily erased with a wet wipe.

For more information concerning Rand McNally's Motor Carrier Atlas, Click Here.


12. Gloves

While many people would not think to give a woman a pair of gloves as a gift, your lady is not just any woman, she is a Female Truck Driver!

I think that the most used item in my truck, aside from my road atlas, are my gloves.

A good pair of gloves keeps my hands from getting all greasy and dirty while hooking to a trailer. They also protect my hands from cuts and scratches that are likely to happen while working on a truck.

While there are many to choose from I prefer a pair of leather gloves like the Wells Lamont Premium Leather Gloves. They are soft on the inside and tough on the outside.


13. Compression Socks

Compression socks help to apply pressure to your lower legs, they are designed for people who sit a lot or who travel on airplanes. Most truckers ride 10-11 hours a day, they get very little time to walk around, compression socks help keep the blood flowing through the lower extremities.

Yolix Compression socks have a wide array of styles to choose from. I am sure you can find some that your mom would love.


14. Electronic Travel Organizer Bag

If your lady is like me, she has all kinds of cords for charging phones and iPad, These organizer bags, provide plenty of space to store cords, adapters, headphones, external hard drives, and other travel necessities.

With six different colors to choose from and 3 different sizes, any truck driver would love to have one.


15. Rechargeable Flash Light

Truckers always need to keep a flashlight close by. Even though many cell phones have a built-in flashlight, it is easier to hold a small rechargeable flashlight, while working on a truck.

Anker has a super bright tactical flashlight that fits comfortably in the palm of my hand. This flashlight is rechargeable, so there is no need to buy batteries every few weeks. It is compact and water resistant.

Don't let your trucker get caught out in the dark, having to hook up to a trailer.


16. Kindle Fire 7" Tablet

As of the writing of this article, Amazon is featuring a Kindle Fire 7" tablet below $50. The 8 GB Kindle Fire Tablet can be purchased in four different colors, including black, yellow, blue, and red.

While mom is waiting to get loaded, she can read a book on Kindle.

If she is taking her 34-hour reset, she can not only read books, but watch movies, listen to music, or play 1000s of games.

Some features may need an internet connection.


I have provided you with a selection of gifts for that Female Trucker in your life all under $50.

From key-chains, coffee mugs, leather gloves, and a Kindle Fire Tablet.

I hope that you have found the perfect gift for the lady in your life.

I would love to know what you got your lady trucker, leave a comment below.

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