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What Does a Female Trucker Need to Pack for Her First Trip?

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Female drivers, Women truckers
No time to stop! What can I do?

Ladies, what do you do if you're in a hurry and you don't have time to stop and grab a shower?

You are running late because you got stuck in Atlanta traffic, no time for breakfast.

Maybe, Mother Nature played a cruel joke on you; she sent a monsoon of heavy rain and wind just as you stepped out of the truck.

One of the most common problems with over-the-road driving is not getting to shower daily. You don't have a shower in the cab of your truck. You had to spend the night at a rest area because there was no parking at the truck stop. Or maybe you spent the night in the customer's parking lot.

Ladies, you are in luck if you packed the right things, but if not, here are a few items that can help in situations like this.



  • Baby wipes are great for taking a quick bird bath.

  • Keep a few gallons of water under the bunk, and water and a rag work in a pinch.

  • If you need to wash your hair, use a gallon of water and a bucket or buy a can of dry shampoo.

  • Paper towels come in handy for cleaning up spills.

  • Zip-lock bags can hold many different items. A bar of soap, wet clothes, pens, note cards, and even snacks.

  • A baseball cap will do wonders for bedheads.

  • Make sure to stock up on Tampons and Pads, you never know when Aunt Flo will visit, and you can never be too prepared for the storm she brings with her.

  • Keep an extra set of clothes for emergencies, especially underwear and socks. I believe a woman can never have too many panties.


When you don't have time for breakfast, pack nonperishable items to eat on the go and during long periods of inclement weather.

  • Individually wrapped crackers, cookies, and chips.

  • At least a case of drinking water. If it came down to it, you could drink from the gallon of water for baths.

  • Canned goods last a long time, but make sure to get lids that can be opened without a can opener, or make sure you have a can opener. I did hear one time that you could take a can of food and rub the top of it across the pavement for quite a long time, but eventually, the can would be rubbed down so that it could be opened.

Another common occurrence for drivers is getting stuck in traffic or a snowstorm. Yes, it can happen. Just a few years back, Atlanta interstates were at a standstill, with passengers of 4-wheelers and trucks stuck for days.

Snow in for days on end!
  • Keep a flashlight if your truck won't start, but don't forget the ca. At least you can see in the dark.

  • A candle and lighter will not only provide light, but in cold weather, it can give off heat to help from freezing to death. I recommend packing a few candles in jars, just in case, it takes days to get help.

  • A battery pack for your phone. I recommend the larger one can charge a phone 5-7 times.


Lastly, make sure to have a FIRST AID KIT. You don't have to buy one pre-made just grab the items below and put them in a bag or box.

  • Band-Aids

  • Peroxide

  • Alcohol

  • Tylenol or Motrin

  • Neosporin

  • Medical Tape

  • Gauze

  • Scissors

  • Tweezers

  • A list of Emergency Contacts


These simple items are sometimes hard to remember, but when you get caught out in the middle of nowhere, you will be glad you packed them.

I will add more posts centered around essentials for the truck, trailer, showers, paperwork, cooking, cleaning, and more.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

I may receive a small commission for purchases made through links in this post at no cost to the buyer.

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