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7 Items A New Female Truck Driver Needs to Pack For Sleeping Over The Road?

Updated: Sep 17, 2022


As a female truck driver, you do need some items that men don't. However, as far as bedding is concerned, you both will probably need the same items. As you are gathering all of your supplies for your first cross-country trip with your new trucking company and trainer, make sure to find out what size sheets you need.

Here are 7 items that you should definitely pack!


1. A set of Twin XL bed sheets. Make sure to check with your trainer, the bunk may be bigger or smaller depending on each individual truck.

2. If you don’t want to buy a sheet set, you could replace the sheets and blankets, with a sleeping bag from Amazon.

An added benefit of using a sleeping bag is you can roll it up when you get up and put it out of the way.


3. A couple of pillows help support not only your neck, but you can use the extra one to help support the rest of your body. The extra pillow will be especially helpful if you are sleeping while your trainer is driving. It will keep you from rolling back and forth.

Amazon has a set of two pillows that come with a set of pillowcases.

Learning to sleep in a moving truck takes time, especially when you don’t know the person who is driving.


4. Take a blanket to keep warm. Even though most trucks have separate heating and air conditioning controls for the front and back you never know when you will be waiting to get loaded. If you both are in the bunk, one in the bottom bunk and the other in the top bunk, there can be issues of who is in control of the temperature.


5. Don't forget to take a pair of pajamas. You may want to take two pairs, you may not be able to wash clothes while on the road.


6. Pack a nice fitting eye mask to help you sleep during the day or if your partner has the lights on while waiting to get loaded. This can help trick your brain into thinking it is the middle of the night instead of the middle of the day.

This pair of eye masks from Amazon includes earplugs.


7. Don't forget to bring a pair of house shoes. You don't want to wear your work shoes as you climb around the truck. Work shoes can bring in mud, oil, fuel, and many other disgusting things that you walked on while outside the truck.


Sleeping in a moving truck and being driven by someone you don't know can be nerve-racking, but just think they are training you and you have to drive while they are sleeping.

Another aspect of sleeping in a moving vehicle is bouncing around, many trucks have airbags under the sleeper to provide a smoother ride.

The noise of the truck may keep some people awake.

I remember the first time out as a trainee. I was going through construction and my trainer was in the bunk sleeping. All of a sudden traffic stopped, I was so nervous that I slammed on the brakes! My trainer said I throw him on the floor, lucky for me he didn't roll all the way up front. He didn’t get too upset, he had been training new drivers for years, and it was not the first time.

While it seems the list is endless, don't worry too much, if you forget something, a truck stop usually has it, you will just have to pay a little more. However, there are many Walmarts across the country that a tractor-trailer can get into, for a little shopping.

Did I forget something? Leave a comment below, you may be featured in my next blog post.

If you need more ideas and a list of essentials for truck drivers and a survival list, check out this past post on Personal Hygiene Essentials.

I may receive a small commission for purchases made through links in this post, at no cost to the buyer.

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