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Singham Full 720p Hd Movie maritak




star rating 3 out of 5 stars What's it about? A bold, gritty cop battles an unruly underworld. What worked? Powerful acting from Akshay Kumar. What didn't? A confusing plot and an over-long finale. Akshay Kumar's cop Bajirao Singham isn't the usual, squeaky-clean, gun-toting hero -- he's a cop who will throw caution to the wind in a desperate bid to catch baddies. And we know he's a very bad guy when he threatens to kill a police inspector who's killed his wife and son. So when he frames his own partner and officer for corruption, Bajirao decides to clean up the city by his own hands -- even if that means a bullet in his own head. That's a pretty grim death for a hero. What worked? Yes, the whole philosophy of giving the finger to the system as a means of gaining justice makes for a compelling story, but the real meat of the movie lies in Akshay Kumar's performance. The actor brings such enormous menace to this role that it almost makes up for the film's convoluted plot, and more importantly, his presence is a welcome contrast to the joker-like behaviour of a motley crew of underworld crooks. What didn't? The typical, formulaic script and the lack of internal logic in the plot. That said, there are a lot of solid performances, and several good lines. What should be on your radar? Think of it as the original Dirty Harry, only Indianised. Bajirao Singham is directed by Pa Ranjith and stars Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh, and Nandana Sen. The film was screened in theatres on August 2, 2012. The film centres on Inspector Bajirao Singham, who investigates cases that go against the grain. He has a no-nonsense, no-rules approach to dealing with criminals. After a brutal murder in the city of Mumbai, he is forced to arrest one of the city's most wanted gangs, a gang led by 'Papa', who now has a little problem. Once the six-man squad arrests 'Papa', Singham begins to suspect the gang leader and not the men he sent to kill his wife and son. However, when a policeman is murdered in cold blood by Papa's gang, Bajirao knows he must end the reign of terror and bring




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Singham Full 720p Hd Movie maritak

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