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September 4, 2023 #Ephemerainthewild

My Facebook Group will be hosting #ephemerainthewild in September 2023. Come on over and join us.

Junk journaling is a fun and creative way to express your thoughts and ideas. It involves using recycled materials to create a unique journal that reflects your personality.

For September, let's play a game.

Please find the prompts for each day, snap a picture of the object in your surroundings, and then post the prompt to the corresponding thread.

This can give us ideas of things in our homes and lives to use in our junk journals.

Please put the hashtag #ephemerainthewild so others can find these treasures.

Here are 30 junk journaling items from recycled stuff that you can use to create your journal:
  1. Old book covers

  2. Scraps of fabric

  3. Envelopes

  4. Vintage postcards

  5. Maps

  6. Wallpaper samples

  7. Greeting cards

  8. Old sheet music

  9. Magazine clippings

  10. Newspaper articles

  11. Brochures

  12. Ticket stubs

  13. Gift wrap

  14. Ribbon

  15. Lace

  16. Buttons

  17. Bottle caps

  18. Washi tape

  19. Stickers

  20. Paint chips

  21. Feathers

  22. Seashells

  23. Corks

  24. Popsicle sticks

  25. Matchboxes

  26. Seed packets

  27. Tea bags

  28. Candy wrappers

  29. Jewelry findings

  30. Scraps of leather or suede

These are just some of the many items you can use to create your unique junk journal. Get creative and have fun!

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